Our unique approach evolves through three stages


Every business that wants to grow has to know what customers need, want, like and dislike. You need to know what to start doing, what to stop doing, and what you need to do more of. You need to know what buttons to push and which levers to pull so that customers choose you. If you don’t know, you won’t grow.

Market Research is what we do to help our clients know what is required of them to become or stay market leaders. Our internationally experienced research team is skilled in all facets of research.

  • Brand Research – More than just discovering how your brand is perceived by the market, VantagePoint uses some really cool tools to develop insights on what your future-focused brand strategies could be
  • Customer Satisfaction Research – VantagePoint uncovers importance and performance measures to assist clients to measure and benchmark customer satisfaction, loyalty and most importantly, advocacy
  • Market/Channel/Industry Research – Understanding new markets, competitors, macro, social and economic factors, market entry requirements and customer drivers are all vital to launching brands into new frontiers


Once we all know what the critical issues and success factors are, we can work on your plan for growth. Clear, strong, simple (but maybe not easy) plans are what VantagePoint prides itself on. Plans that you can put into action.

Growth planning advice at VantagePoint means using research based insights and sound business processes to set a clear, usable and effective way forward.

  • Marketing Audit – VantagePoint can objectively assess what is and isn’t working across your marketing mix. This is a great lens for improving the marketing process, helping you to trim costs, eliminate wasted spending and keep revenue growing
  • Strategic Planning – A collaborative process with your management team to understand and set the critical success factors and goals for the business
  • Vision & Values – VantagePoint specialise in developing powerful and relevant visions and value programs to reflect the ambitions and cultures of growth focused organisations
  • Brand Positioning with BrandCompass – Brand is strategy therefore strategy is brand. VantagePoint’s BrandCompass is a strategic brand-positioning tool – describing the ‘space’ you want your brand to occupy in the minds of your customers. It’s about where your brand needs to go to better connect with customers
  • Brand Naming – Working through various naming conventions, we use BrandCompass as the foundation for creating a name that best positions your brand
  • Marketing Growth Planning – Determining what strategies and tactics are needed to best connect with the market is what our marketing plans deliver. What to do, when to do it, who best to do it to and how much you should spend to achieve what you want.
  • Innovation Development – ‘Innovate’ is a VantagePoint tool to help organisations generate and develop innovative ideas to create business growth. The starting point is a creative challenge and a blank canvas. The output is a bank of ideas, ready to be taken forward within the business, that are grounded in the needs of consumers and aligned with business capabilities and brand values


Once the planning has been nailed, we need to implement it. This generally requires getting disparate teams of people on board with how to better deliver brilliant branded experiences for customers.

Creating a more customer-centric culture within an organisation is the core to achieving customer-led growth. Parallel development of people and business capabilities is the key to delivering your plan.

  • Customer Obsession – is VantagePoint’s comprehensive process to implement a strong and committed brand culture in your business. At the end of the day, people still do business with people, so you better make sure your people are all on the same page. Customer Obsession firstly helps your staff to understand the drivers and needs of customers. Next it encourages your people to get involved in designing the ideal brand experiences for customers. Finally we engage all your people to represent the brand and your brand promise at every customer touchpoint.